Stand up comedy for Private Parties

Why are stand up comedians so popular these days at private parties? Because we adapt our comedy to your audience so it's a sure-fire way to make your event unforgettable!


With personalized monologues rest assured that everyone will be left wanting more. You choose the story, the detailes, the anecdotes and we create a stylized stand up set loaded with memorable moments. It's an experience that will have everyone laughing and rememebring what brought them together in the first place.

Corporate events, business dinners, birthdays or weddings are just some of the private parties where ties are strengthened with a good humored, personalized monologue.

Stand up comedy for parties

None of your attendees are comedians? No problem! Just ask us to prepare and perform a personalized monologue or choose from one our selections. As stand up comedians for parties, we work in pure comedy club style: straightforward, creative and above all, a ton of fun!

To know more about our shows, take a look at our stand up comedy in La Chocita del Loro in Madrid.

Comedian event host

As comedians for events we like to make the difference between just another event and one with spark. We work directly with your company to ensure that the next dinner or product launch converts into an event that really transmits the fun side to your corporate image.

With us, comedy can come to you in English or Spanish.

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