We are ready for comedy in Catalunya!

Gazpacho & Syrup

Gazpacho & Syrup is, without a doubt, the best comedy show in English in all of Reus. It's also the only show in English, at least at the moment.

A sketch show created by and starring Fernando García-Torres and Tricia Audette,a comedy duo one half Sevillian and one half Canadian.

How could something hilarious not come out of this union? La Giralda and Torontontero on stage, tell me it doesn't sound promising! There's a menu made up of 13 sketches that the public chooses in each show. And are they always the same? Absolutely not! Thirteen dishes to choose from a constantly changing menu, it's five stars in the Michelin Guide to humor.

Moody, interactive and tasty, what more could you ask for? Gazpacho and Syrup is an international menu suitable for all palates, and whatever your level of English, you will be able to understand and enjoy.

Yes, it is true, she is native… but, we have told you that he is from Seville, right? Maybe you will understand him more in English than if he spoke in Spanish!

System Phobics

Do you believe it's possible to leave the system?

They will try. Join us in this beautiful story of a couple who decided to take charge of their autonomy and return to their roots, without much success.

And no one said it was easy. What are you going to do in the field, if you don't have wifi? Let's see where you can find a tutorial to plant lettuce, if you don't have internet? They dreamed, they tried, they were tremendously confronted with the harsh reality. Raw, and never better said.

Coming soon to the best streaming platforms.

Or not...(uploading failed).


Lose the fear of speaking in public and improve your fluency in English and Spanish with INTERCOMEDY, using comedy as an alliance.

INTERCOMEDY son sesiones de speaking en grupo, guiadas por humoristas profesionales. Romperemos el hielo con un breve monólogo cómico de parte de la persona que guía la sesión, para después colocarnos en pequeños grupos de conversación y echarnos unas risas.

Conocerás gente, pasarás un rato divertido, te marcaremos el tema de conversación para que sea variado y no tengas que repetir aquello de siempre de “ and what do you dofor a living?”

Ameno, “super funny”, y eficaz, una manera de perder el miedo a hablar en público en inglés/español y de soltarte. ¡Ven a probar!

No importa el nivel que tengas, ¡mejorarás seguro compartiendo con otros! También para team building empresarial.


Stand up comedy for Private Parties


You choose the theme and we write an original monologue for you. Ideal for events that require a special touch that leave people wanting more.


Create a unique experience for your guests for any type of event where laughter is welcome.


The 2021–2022 tour is in full swing. We have our bags packed and are bringing Gazpacho & Syrup Teen Edition & Sketch Kidz to schools all over Spain.


Déjanos tu teléfono y nosotros te llamamos para aclarar cualquier duda que te surja sobre nuestro trabajo o formas de contratarnos. ¡Sin compromiso!

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