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You Understand Me

English Theatre for High Schools

The 2019 – 2020 tour has begun! We are packing our suitcase and taking You Understand me to high schools all over Spain. Book this interactive comedy at your high school today! 

Everyday life continually exposes us to situations where the unknown can be scary... And You Understand me? offers a little piece of real life.

Starring Tricia Audette and Fernando García–Torres, this show is full of monologues and sketches where misunderstandings, jokes and surprises are the real stars. What will you experience with this show?


What will you experience with this show

A 60-minute theatre show in English for all levels of English, so all students will enjoy.

An interactive and complete linguistic immersion revolved around everyday life, so students can identify with the comedy.

A visual experience where body language helps make understanding the language easier.

A motivational life lesson to encourage students to push through the ups and downs of life with their best foot forward.



Theatre Show in English for Primary

Adrian and Tricia are grabbing their backpacks… and going back to school! Not just an ordinary school, Chaos College - where the classes are cooler than recess. Big Kidz is a fresh, fun theatre show in English for schools. The curriculum is wild, the subjects are hilarious and the teachers are whacky. An education like you've never seen before!

What will you experience with Big Kidz

A 60-minutes theatre show in English for schools for ages 5+ and all levels of English.

A comedy in which body language is the king so students will perfectly follow along.

An interactive linguistic immersion revolved around one of their most familiar places - school!

By the way, who is Adrian?
To get to know him more click on this link:
>> Adrian Randle

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