English Theatre for Schools


Theatre in English for High School 

Gazpacho & Syrup Teen Edition is now on tour all over Spain! It's a show in English for High School in which the students learn the importance of facing life with a good sense of humour. It's full of monologues and sketches where misunderstandings, jokes and surprises take center stage.

What will you experience with this show

A 60-minute theatre show in English for all levels of English, so all students will enjoy.

An interactive and complete linguistic immersion revolved around everyday life, so students can identify with the comedy.

A visual experience where body language helps make understanding the language easier.

A motivational life lesson to encourage students to push through the ups and downs of life with their best foot forward.



Theatre in English for Elementary

Sketch Adventures is a fresh and fun show in English for primary school. This sixty minute comedy will have students enjoying the problems of understanding between a Canadian and Spanish man in the process of learning English.

What will you experience with Sketch Adventures?

A 60 minute show in English for children in Elementary ages 5 and up with all levels of English.

A comedy in which body language is the king so students will perfectly follow along.

An interactive language immersion transmitting the value of communication.

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